What is self-checkout?

What is self-checkout?

Self-checkouts, also known as assisted checkouts or self-service checkouts, are machines that allow customers to complete their own transactions at a retail store without needing the assistance of a cashier. Self-checkouts are typically found in supermarkets, retail stores and fast-food outlets. They offer several benefits to both customers and retailers.

Benefits for customers

·        Speed: Self-checkouts can help to reduce checkout times, especially during busy periods.

·        Convenience: Customers can complete their transactions without having to wait in line for a cashier.

·        Control: Customers can scan and bag their own items at their own pace.

·        Privacy: Customers can avoid having to interact with a cashier.

Benefits for retailers

·        Reduced labour costs: Self-checkouts can help to reduce the number of cashiers that a retailer needs to hire.

·        Increased throughput: Self-checkouts can help to increase the number of transactions that a retailer can process per hour.

·        Improved customer satisfaction: Self-checkouts can help to improve customer satisfaction by reducing wait times and providing a more convenient and efficient shopping experience.

Using a self-checkout kiosk:

The process of using a self-checkout kiosk is typically very simple. Customers scan their items using a barcode scanner, place the items in a bag, and pay for their purchases using cash, credit card, or debit card. Some self-checkout kiosks also accept mobile payments.

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